It Takes Teamwork to Make a Dream Work!

Our people mean everything to us – they are the heart and soul of our company. We take immense pride in our team and the exceptional individuals who make it all possible.
To that end, we are proud to announce the newest members of our team.

Una Clarke

Executive Assistant to the Managing Director

We are thrilled to welcome Una Clarke to the Garanzuay Consulting team as Executive Assistant to the Managing Director. With a remarkable career spanning over 25 years, Una has honed her skills and expertise while working closely with Senior Leadership teams at Smart Wire Grid Europe, IDA Ireland, and Lufthansa Airmotive. Her wealth of experience has endowed her with invaluable insights into effective leadership practices and operational efficiency.


Driven by her passion for organization and an impeccable eye for detail, Una is committed to facilitating seamless operations and providing exceptional support within our fast-paced consultancy environment. Her problem-solving skills, coupled with her knack for streamlining workflows and fostering clear communication, ensure that the bridge between the Managing Director and various stakeholders remains strong.


Una’s dedication to her role as a catalyst for growth aligns perfectly with Garanzuay Consulting’s vision for the future. Her adaptability, efficiency, and dedication have already made a significant impact and is helping propel our company to even greater heights!

Bill Dagan

Senior Advisor

We are delighted to welcome Bill Dagan, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in North American energy markets. Bill’s impressive track record spans a wide spectrum of roles, from product manager, project and programme management, and both creating and delivering solutions to market participants.


Before joining Garanzuay Consulting, Bill worked with electricity market participants, supporting the onboarding, scheduling, and settlements of their renewable assets into North American electricity markets. With a focus on optimizing the performance of electricity market participants, Bill’s role has included strategic design and management of key technology initiatives.


We are delighted to add Bill’s considerable expertise, ambition, and passion for the energy industry to the Garanzuay Consulting family!

Dr. Mohammad Albaijat

Senior Associate

Mohammad Albaijat, a distinguished expert in power systems operations and technology design, as a key addition to the Garanzuay Consulting team. With an impressive career spanning over 25 years, Dr. Albaijat’s expertise extends to major wholesale electricity market transformation and operations programmmes worldwide.


Mohammad’s knowledge covers the spectrum of wholesale electricity market operations, from planning to scheduling, dispatch, and settlements. His track record includes delivering technology and engineering consulting solutions for market transformation programmes for the CAISO, NYISO, KPX, PJM, IESO, and EirGrid/SONI.


Dr. Albaijat’s contributions extend to his role as the chair of a newly established working group at ERCOT, focusing on the challenges posed by large-scale inverter-based resource implementation.


Dr. Albaijat earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering from UC Davis. We are so pleased to count him as a member of the Garanzuay Consulting family!

Kasim Ali


We are pleased to introduce Kasim Ali as a valuable member of the Garanzuay Consulting team. Kasim is a seasoned consultant with 12 years of experience in the energy markets. With a strong background as a business analyst and energy market trading operations professional, Kasim has successfully navigated the complexities of global energy markets.


His expertise comes to the forefront as he excels in developing and representing business requirements, and skillfully translating them into tangible technology solutions. During his tenure at Hitachi Energy, Kasim was instrumental in delivering a market participant technology solution to a market participant during the I-SEM transition.


Kasim’s ability to bridge the gap between business requirements and technological solutions positions him as a pivotal asset within our consultancy, helping deliver on our commitment to provide innovative and effective solutions to electricity market participants. We are lucky to have you in the Garanzuay Consulting family!

Rosie Garanzuay

Chief Morale Office

We are grateful to have Rosie Garanzuay as our Chief Morale Officer for Garanzuay Consulting. With a limitless wellspring of love, an indefatigable and happy spirit, a waggy tail, and a nose for treats, she never fails to improve the morale of everyone she meets!


Rosie played an especially vital role in helping the firm survive COVID in 2020 and 2021. I admit, it was sometimes difficult to get out of bed and make myself go look for – and deliver – work. Cleverly, Rosie knew just how to motivate me. She cheerfully accepted 5 walks/day, tirelessly listened as I recalled the highs and lows of the workday and knew just when to cuddle for encouragement when times were at their toughest.

We couldn’t do it with out you. Who’s a good girl?!

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