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At Garanzuay Consulting, we love what we do. Our focus is on transmission system operations, energy market operations, electric utilities, and the work of energy market participants. We provide a variety of services to help our clients define, plan, and deliver the complex projects associated with regulatory change and technology transformation.

Market Evolution
Advisory Services

Solutions-Driven Advice

Confronted with a regulatory-driven change?
Need to lower the TCO for your technology solution space?
Missing key business outcomes?

We can help. Our consulting team has a depth and breadth of experience in power systems and energy markets. We have worked in a variety of functional, technical, and leadership positions for transmission system operators, market operators, power utilities, professional management and technology consulting firms, and leading engineering software companies in North America and Europe.


Our team has expertise in power systems operations and optimisation, control centre operations, electricity market transformation and operations, energy trading, complex solution design, and technology systems implementation.


We focus on solutions-driven advice using our subject matter expertise to develop feasible, credible, and enduring solutions to the most demanding challenges.


We have an experienced team and use our knowledge of industry best practices to help build clear, concise, and achievable plans for your business.

Advisory Services

Understand the Market - Clearly & Completely

Making strategic technology investment decisions?

Our technology and service provider vendor landscape will help you understand and plan for the right type and size of solution to meet your particular business challenge. We have a comprehensive understanding of the technology solutions and relationships with the vendors.

How We Can Help

Market Evolution
Advisory Services

Maximise the Value of Technology Investments

Technology Roadmap and Business Case

Are you making strategic technology investment decisions?

Have you developed a Technology Roadmap supported by business investment cases?

We can help

Our technology advisory service will help guide you through the Technology Investment process, including the development of a Technology Roadmap, Business Cases, and an Implementation Plan.

Our team has helped energy market participants plan, assess, and build technology roadmaps for their strategic investments. These include the most complex and inter-dependent systems, such as EMS, MMS, market trading and settlement, and master data management technology solutions.

We can reduce the risks associated with technology investments – allowing you to maximise the value of the investment and focus on your business.

How We Can Help

Project Delivery

Upgrade Your Delivery

Do you have a complex and time-sensitive project?
Do regulatory- and market-driven changes demand your attention?

We can help The single greatest advantage you have is experience. When you need that experience, Garanzuay Consulting can provide it. Our consultants have provided advisory, delivery, and support services to TSOs, Utilities, Market Operators, and Market Participants in wholesale electricity market across the globe for more than 20 years. We have helped system operators and electricity markets evolve and mature across North America and are now at the forefront of that change in the EU and the Middle East.

How we can help Our team can help you plan, deliver, and support the most challenging projects – on-time and within budget. We can assist in all areas of project delivery with roles spanning the project lifecycle and disciplines. This includes:

Our expertise

We have a depth of expertise in delivering highly specialised and complex technology solutions, including:

Market Evolution
Advisory Services

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement is pivotal to the success of the energy transition in Ireland.

At Garanzuay Consulting, we understand the energy transition requires more than just technical solutions; it demands collaboration, communication, and a shared commitment from all stakeholders involved. Our Stakeholder Engagement service is designed to harness the power of collaboration, ensuring that diverse voices are heard, concerns are addressed, and a collective vision for a sustainable energy future is forged.

Stakeholder Engagement is built upon fundamental components that enable the seamless integration of various perspectives, interests, and expertise. It involves identifying and involving key stakeholders, ranging from local communities and regulatory authorities to industry participants and advocacy groups. Through strategic communication channels, we facilitate an open exchange of ideas and insights, creating a platform for meaningful dialogue that drives timely and informed decision-making.

Stakeholder Engagement enhances the credibility of energy transition initiatives and fosters a sense of ownership and shared responsibility. When stakeholders feel heard and valued, they become active participants in shaping the transition, leading to more robust, holistic, and sustainable solutions. Through this collaborative approach, we can navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the energy transition, propelling us towards a cleaner, more resilient, and prosperous energy future.

At Garanzuay Consulting, we are dedicated to facilitating meaningful connections and driving purposeful conversations that transcend boundaries and drive positive change. Our Stakeholder Engagement service serves as a bridge between our collective aspirations and actions.

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